Ins style pleated American vintage light luxury bedroom study vertical floor lamp

Short Description:

Power: 31W(included)-40W(included) Style: Scandinavian Suitable space: Living room Bedroom Study Other/other

Colour classification: gold lampshade pull wire switch

Lamp body main material: gold lampshade main material: iron light source type: led lamp

Number of light sources: 1 process: electroplating irradiation area: 5m2-10m2

Control type: other

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Gold plating floor lamp living room ins style pleated American vintage light luxury bedroom study vertical floor lamp gold plating adjustable swing arm design, adjustable lamp head, plating process lampshade. Fixed lamp ring, with metal gold lamp post, metal base, European and American style universal model. Energy saving bulb, threaded splice. When switched on, with metallic baking paint colour, warm light without glare and high brightness.


About the colour difference, size and pattern

Our baby is subjected to several manual processes, and different batches of ceramics may show subtle differences in form due to temperature, moisture, soil and other factors during the firing process. -Small black dots on the ceramics are also naturally formed during the firing process, and fine flocculation on the crystal is also a characteristic of the product itself and cannot be avoided.

If a customer orders a pair of table lamps at the same time, we will carefully select the most compatible lamps to be issued, but handicrafts cannot guarantee the exact same colour and size.

If you are a customer who has purchased the same item, we recommend that you contact our customer service in advance so that we can select the most similar item for you.

Due to a variety of factors such as camera, monitor, light, lighting, reflections and batches, there are slight differences in colour and pattern between some of the photos and the actual item, this is normal, please do not use this as an excuse to return or exchange the item or even give a bad review.



Why should I be charged for the light bulb?

Because some customers have different requirements on the wattage of the light source, some people want it brighter some people think it is better to be darker. So the price of most of our products do not include the light source (be sure to emphasize the "price of the product!") Otherwise customers will think that you have taken the light away from them and sold them separately.)

Why does this lamp include a light bulb?

This light has high requirements for the consistency of light, poor quality light source its colour temperature will be a little different, the light will show inconsistent, affecting the overall lighting effect, we give you the configuration of the light source are currently the best light source brand, its colour temperature is completely consistent.

Why is this light so expensive?

(Note: according to different products from the quality, after-sales service, cost, brand awareness, etc.)

(1) Paint process: baking paint is used, which has stronger adhesion than ordinary spray paint; strong artistic sense (painted by hand into).

(2) Paint quality: good quality paint, environmental protection, health, paint life longer some (refers to the effect of rust prevention).

(3) Each part of the material used better, the quality of the product will naturally be better and more expensive, such as the wire, we use the flame retardant wire in line with the United States and EU standards, the ignition point of up to 90 ℃, the paint is also in line with the European and American requirements of environmental protection paint. We have been exporting products for 20 years, and we make these lights according to the standards for export to Europe and the United States, so we do not cut corners in this area.

(4) The glass is made of lacquered glass, the style is new, the colour is natural and long lasting (some models)

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