Q1: Does this lamp cost electricity?

How big is your living room? ...... Your living room is so big that if the wattage is too low, I am afraid the lighting level is not enough. However, if you switch to energy saving lamps you can save some electricity (if the lamp is not suitable for energy saving lamps, then add: but the effect will be worse, halogen lamps look warmer and more natural than energy saving lamps).

Q2: The light is so heavy, will it fall off when I put it on?

Safety is the first consideration of our designers, when designing the product, we have taken into account the materials, structure and safety of the installation of the lamp (if we provide installation, then answer: and our installers are specially trained, installation in strict accordance with the installation instructions to operate, there will be no safety problems that you are worried about.)

Q3: How many years will this light last?

Do you mean that the lamp will not rust? The life of the lamp has a lot to do with the environment, if it is used in a humid and acidic space, the surface of the lamp will age relatively quickly, like baking paint, it is no problem to use 5-6 years in a normal environment, if the environment is better, it is more normal to use 7-8.

Q4: Why is there only a sample? I don't want a sample.

A: This lamp has just been launched and is very popular with customers, so it occasionally runs out of stock. The light has actually just been installed not long ago, there is no damage and it works fine.

If you really don't want a sample, you can also wait for new stock. You can pay the deposit first so that we can hold the lamp for you (explain to the customer: we hold the lamp because it sells well). We will let you know as soon as we have it in stock.

Q5: The light is facing downwards, it's too harsh

A lamp with the opening facing downwards has a stronger light gathering capacity and a high level of illumination, depending on your requirements for the brightness of the light. If you want the light to be brighter but feel harsh, you can use a milky white bulb or a bulb with a lower wattage.

Q6: How do I dismantle them for cleaning? Is it convenient? How often is it best to clean them?

It is not very troublesome to disassemble and clean. Glass and crystal can be cleaned with a cloth with water or other neutral detergents such as glass water, but not with corrosive detergents; metal parts can be wiped with a dry cloth. The cleaning time is around once every six months.

Q7: What abyhbout the packaging? I live far away from home, the lamp will not break, right?

Our packaging is tailored to the shape of the lamp body and the area under stress, and has been "impact tested" to ensure the safety of the product during transport.

Q8: Is your product the same as the one next to it?

All our lights are designed and patented by ourselves, so they are not the same as others.

Q9. Customer: What brand are you?

Shopper: This is one of the top ten brands of lamps in China, XX lamps, you must know it, right?

Q10. Customer: Where is it produced?

Shopper: domestic industry standards and production scale of one of the largest enterprises XX lamps and lanterns manufacturing limited company in XX place.

Q11. Customer: Are your products environmentally friendly?

Shopper: This is a product produced by the top lighting company in China, absolutely environmentally friendly, please see here the latest certificate.

Q12. Customer: What about your after-sales service?

Shopper: Our sales are at the top of the country not only because of our excellent products, but also because of our excellent after-sales service

Q13. Customer: Why are the products so expensive?

Shopper: Only the best quality can sell at the most expensive price, don't you think so? Because it is expensive, it is also very cheap, because it is better to buy the right set of products than the wrong set of three products. In fact, like you, I want the best quality at the lowest price, but I have never found any company that offers the highest quality products and services at the lowest price. It's as if it's impossible to sell a Penske car for the price of a Santana, don't you think? If you pay a little less for a bad quality product, you end up investing more, don't you think?

Q14. Customer: Is this set of fancy style lamps suitable for me?

Shopper: People with good taste like you can only get a top quality brand like ours. And according to our after-sales investigation, 99% of our customers6