White lime vintage old European and American style chandelier

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Power: 31W(included)-40W(included) Style: Scandinavian Suitable space: Living room Bedroom Study Other/other

Colour classification: white lime vintage old European and American style chandelier

Number of light sources: 1 process: electroplating irradiation area: 5m2-10m2

Control type: other

Lamp body auxiliary material: iron

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White lime vintage European and American style chandelier with iron as the theme material, through deep processing, painting and other processes, so that its surface looks more in line with the retro style, with a sense of age, the overall look relatively old, through the mesh design, is the light source emitted more uniform, soft not harsh. The threaded interface is designed for easy cleaning and the honeycomb main frame, with screened edges. The honeycomb main frame, with screened edges, makes the whole thing stronger. Cheese like surface design for a softer look.


About colour differences, size and pattern

Our babies are handcrafted in several stages, and different batches of ceramics may show subtle differences in form due to temperature, moisture, soil, etc. during the firing process. -Small black dots on the ceramics are also naturally formed during the firing process, and fine flocculation on the crystal is also a characteristic of the product itself and cannot be avoided.

If a customer orders a pair of table lamps at the same time, we will carefully select the most compatible lamps to be issued, but handicrafts cannot guarantee the exact same colour and size.

If you are a customer who has purchased the same item, we recommend that you contact our customer service in advance so that we can select the most similar item for you.

Due to a variety of factors such as camera, monitor, light, lighting, reflections and batches, there are slight differences in colour and pattern between some of the photos and the actual item, this is normal, please do not use this as an excuse to return or exchange the item or even give a bad review.



My home is a duplex, what kind of lights should I buy?

Duplexes are introduced from Europe and the United States, the height of the living room is usually higher and the layout of the space will look more European and American, we recommend that you choose European-style chandeliers, which will match the style of your house.

How high should the wall light be?

Wall lights are generally installed at about the same level as the human eye level or at a slightly higher position.

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