Questions and answers commonly encountered by lamp sales staff

Q1: What is the material of lampshade?

Commonly used lampshades are glass, fabric, metal, etc.

Q2: Is the lamp (surface) electroplated? Will it lose its colour?

1. It is electroplated. Generally plated with gold, chrome, nickel and other materials, it will not lose its colour.

2. This is baking paint, not plating, the paint of the car shell is baking paint process, will not lose colour.

Q3: Is this lamp made of copper or iron? Will it rust and oxidise?

Iron. It has been de-oiled, de-rusted, dehydrated and gold-plated (or chrome-plated, nickel-plated, baked enamel, etc.), so it will not rust or oxidise.

Q4: Will the wires leak?

All of our lights, including the wires, are UL, CE and 3C certified in the USA, so please rest assured.

Q5: Why are all your materials made of iron? I want copper (or resin, stainless steel)

Both iron and copper will not rust if the finish is good, but if it is not, copper will oxidise, discolour and appear copper green.

Compared to resin, iron has a significantly better load-bearing capacity, and it has a better texture and heavier feel than resin.

We don't have any stainless steel products, but iron has the same effect as stainless steel after treatment.

Q6: The lamp I just saw next to mine is made of copper, similar to yours, why is your iron more expensive than others' copper?

The value of the lamp does not only depend on the price of the raw material, but mainly on its production process and style.