Creative minimalist post-modern reading vertical table lamp

Short Description:

Power: 31W (including)-40W (including) style: Scandinavian applicable space: living room bedroom study other / other

Color classification: frosted black foot switch [7 watt tri-color LED] frosted black foot switch [10 watt intelligent light source] lamps are light source type: energy-saving lamps led lamps incandescent lamps

Number of light sources: 1 process: spray paint frosted irradiation area: 5 ㎡-10 ㎡

Control type: other intelligent voice control APP control intelligent switch control non-intelligent control has been connected to the Tmall Genie

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The product uses a metal lamp frame, spray paint frosted surface treatment, using European style features, simple atmosphere. The use of streamlined lamp body, white fabric lampshade, light warmth, simple atmosphere of the lamp body


About color difference, size, pattern

Our baby is to go through several manual hand, different batches of ceramics in the firing process because of temperature, moisture, soil and other factors can lead to subtle differences in form. -Small black spots on the ceramic is also a natural formation during the firing process, the crystal has a fine flocculent, but also the characteristics of the product itself, can not be avoided.

Customers at the same time a single pair of table lamps, we will carefully select the most paired lamps issued, but handicrafts can not guarantee that the color and size of the exact same.

If you buy the same baby customers, it is recommended that you must contact our customer service in advance, we will specifically select the most similar baby for you to send out.

Due to the camera, monitor, light, lighting, reflection and batch and other factors, some photos and the actual color and pattern of the slight differences, this is normal, please do not use this as an excuse to return or even poor comments.


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