Q1: How many lights are better for the dining room (living room/bedroom)?

Can you tell me how large your dining room (living room/bedroom) is? Our lights have been designed with the number of lamp heads and the size of the lamp size proportional factors in mind, the size of this space you choose XX number of lamp heads is better (Note: according to the ceiling surface area and the diameter of the lamp proportional relationship specific answer.)

Q2: How can I match the lights in the dining room with the lights in the living room?

The matching of lighting should take into account the matching of the lamp with the lamp, the matching of the lamp with the home decoration style (including the matching of the furniture material and colour), can you give me a general description of your home decoration style?

Q3: My living room is 30 square metres in size and 2.8 metres high, will this lamp be too low to touch my head?

The height of this lamp is less than 60cm (Note: most of our lamps are no more than 60cm high, if the lamp you are interested in is more than 60cm high, you will have to give a different answer depending on the height of your living room, in this case you will be advised to choose a different lamp); there is also a space of 2 or 2m, this will not affect the normal use and visual effect at all, we have taken these factors into account when designing this lamp. We have taken these factors into account when designing this lamp.

Q4: My home is decorated with more warm colours, what kind of light should I buy?

I would recommend that you use a warm light source. The material of the light fitting is more related to the style of your home decoration and the material of your furniture.

Q5: My home is a duplex, what kind of lights should I buy?

Duplexes are introduced from Europe and the United States, the height of the living room is usually higher and the layout of the space will look more European and American, we recommend that you choose European-style chandeliers, which will match the style of your house.

Q6: How high should the wall light be?

Wall lights are generally installed at about the same level as the human eye level or at a slightly higher position.