Creative lighting creative home furnishing

Electric lamp is a big invention of human conquest of the night, have a light, let us break the night. Modern lighting is not only used for lighting, creative lighting album a beautiful lighting, at night can create a romantic atmosphere through the level of light and shadow, creative lighting also makes our life full of fun.

Creative lighting can be roughly divided into the following categories:

Creative lamps and lanterns Creative lighting 1, more interesting lamps and lanterns, meet people’s fun psychology

Here’s an example: The design of a lamp that uses a handgun to control the shutdown. When you shoot it, the head bends, and the lamp turns off, like a headshot, and the head falls back.

2. Creative lamps for the purpose of environmental protection:

For example: Have you ever thought that the mineral water bottle you have thrown away countless times can be transformed into a wonderful lamp? This water bottle light might stop you from littering in the future.

Water bottles have been converted to this twist form, here in a simple form using the refraction between the lights to create a beautiful light, for environmental purposes.

3. Creative lighting for the purpose of super fashion:

As you can see, it is designed as the prototype of iPod, and its own control button is changed into the form of led on the lamp here, which can rotate 359 degrees flexibly to illuminate all directions, which is a very interesting form.

4. Creative lighting for energy saving:

Here’s an example: Italian designer Giulio iacchetti adds seven hazy shades of optional color to the exterior of the fluorescent tube. Originally ordinary fluorescent lamp, after adding different colors of lampshade, also become special, also has a directional, above the lampshade can be rotated according to their own form. When you need a light source, you can turn the lampshade to your position. If there are several people under the lamp, you can also take charge of your own “lamp”. This can achieve the effect of energy saving.

5. Lamps designed for the purpose of pure creative products:

Very creative lighting, personality lighting you and my room.

With the more and more developed standard of social living, people are no longer simply pursuing the role of lighting, lighting decoration also has a certain demand, so in some economically developed areas, there have been some specialized production of creative lighting manufacturers, the soul of the enterprise has been focused on the design of lamps.

Post time: Mar-01-2023