We are one of the well-known brands in the industry

Dongguan JinRi Metal Products Co., Ltd is a comprehensive lighting enterprise specializing in the development, production, sales and system solutions for indoor lighting products. Manufacturer of design, research and development of intelligent lighting, intelligent home, intelligent hotel, and other high-end intelligent products. The company has a wide range of products, mainly: floor lamps, table lamps, pendant lamps, wall lamps, reading lamps, night lamps and other types of lamps, hundreds of products. Have been authorized invention patents. Low-level lighting to do industry leading, participate in the development of dozens of national and industry standards, high-speed field floor lamps, table lamps, etc. to do the industry’s best to do one of the industry’s well-known brands.

The company’s product quality is at the international leading level, has passed CE, UL and many other domestic and international safety certification, through the ISO9001: 2008 international standard quality management system certification, IS014001 and IS018001 environmental and occupational health certification, national high-tech enterprise certification and energy-saving certification.

We are committed to building a global professional lighting application brand, actively promoting the development and application of lighting technology, to let people share the good life brought by lighting progress. We adhere to the concept of harmony and win-win, speak of credibility, quality, to make customer satisfaction as the purpose of service. Since its establishment, the company has actively participated in the construction of lighting projects and achieved good results, and won a number of national lighting industry honours.

We insist on customer-oriented, high-quality products, professional service, honest management and innovation to win the trust of our customers. We not only provide products, but also new design concepts, solutions and methods of using products.

Equipped with professional designers and a highly qualified service team, we are always ready to provide our customers with good lighting design and application advice. We are a fast-growing professional company, relying on the support of first-class professional lighting technology and ideas, as well as the efforts of all our staff and the trust of our customers, and are gradually working towards making our company a first-class brand in the lighting industry.

Post time: Apr-03-2023