Umbrella shaped metallic old and used European and American style chandelier

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Power: 31W(incl.)-40W(incl.) Style: Scandinavian Applicable space: Living room Bedroom Study Other/other

Colour classification: metallic old and used European and American style chandelier

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The chandelier is assembled by means of rounded, threaded and riveted metal plates as the main support, using an electroplating process to make the surface of the lamp body old while the surface shows an excessive colour, from light to dark. The interface is linked by rivets for a more handmade feel. Also through the material factor of the iron material, the pattern formed is more dated. The design of the screened surround is also used around the perimeter for a stronger sense of dimensionality, with three overtones of colour in the top, middle and bottom areas for a more sensual colour overall. The overall high end atmosphere. The chain form of the hanging column, like an umbrella-shaped conical shade, is like a lighthouse in the corridor of the castle, as if it were a pointing light outdoors. Overall more elaborate


About the colour difference, size and pattern

Our pieces are handcrafted in several stages, and different batches of ceramics can show subtle differences in form due to temperature, moisture, soil, etc. during firing. -Small black dots on the ceramics are also naturally formed during the firing process, and fine flocculation on the crystal is also a characteristic of the product itself and cannot be avoided.

If a customer orders a pair of table lamps at the same time, we will carefully select the most compatible lamps to be issued, but handicrafts cannot guarantee the exact same colour and size.

If you are a customer who has purchased the same item, we recommend that you contact our customer service in advance so that we can select the most similar item for you.


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The company's products mainly face the European and American markets. To table lamp, floor lamp, chandelier, wall lamp mainly. According to the main structure of metal class, glass class, marble class, resin class, wooden class, with European and American style, simple wind, fashion style, innovation class and other different styles, support to map processing, sample processing, to map customization or according to the customer concept design customization.

We are keenly aware of the difficulties and challenges ahead, face up to our own gaps and shortcomings, and adopt a more firm faith, a more full of enthusiasm, a more pragmatic style and a stronger synergy, to write a new chapter in the company’s Development.

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